Top 5 Basement Remodelling Tips

Top 5 Basement Remodelling Tips

Posted on Monday March 14, 2011 at 10:08PM

Top Five Ideas for Basement Remodels

When you know that your family needs more space often the first place you look is the basement. This area of the home is handy, comes unfinished for the most part and is often the easiest renovation project to tackle. What do homeowners do with their basement remodels? Is everything old new again or are exciting technological trends changing the way we renovate downstairs?

Top Five Ideas For Today’s Basement Remodels

5) Extra Bedroom Space
Maybe your family grew or the grandparents moved in. Or maybe your children have simply outgrown sharing a room and it’s time for another arrangement. Whatever the reason, adding a bedroom in the basement is popular and quite simple.
Be sure the window sizes are large enough and provide plenty of light. And don’t forget to include all of the comforts you need upstairs from the beauty to the comfort and safety. Including elements such as furnace ducts and smoke detectors, the basement bedroom will firstly need to be designed in a practical way.

4) Workshop or Utility Space
Some people don’t want a luxurious space downstairs. They simply want a clean, dry area to work on hobbies or projects that they are in the middle of. Whether that’s an art studio, a wood shop or any other location for work, this area can be easily designed into your basement space.
Remember that you will need storage and plenty of space to spread out when larger projects come up. Install wide doors for moving bulky items and consider air quality, heating and maybe a bathroom space to allow for clean up and convenience.

3) Home Theatre Experience
The newest craze in home electronics is the home theatre. People are staying inside and investing home theatre systems and room design like never before.
Think of a room that has no windows and consider a fabric-like finish on the walls to help with sound quality. Always account for speaker wires and extra cables, as well as plugs and devices around the room, giving you plenty of versatility when it comes to stereo placement and the setting up of your home theatre room.

2) Open Recreation Room
A classic basement remodel that’s still widely popular today, recreation rooms are mostly wide, open spaces with room for kids and adults to simply play. There may be a billiards table involved or a few other video games around, but for the most part recreation rooms are filled with a hodgepodge of the things you like to do in your free time.
Recreation rooms can become a haven for junk, so beware that you are not just piling up things because there is space in the open room. Have a plan for what type of activities will happen there and design the room accordingly. Include space for storage and be flexible, but use this space well to fully appreciate it.

1) Your Own Unique Design
The very best way to spend your renovation budget is by designing a basement remodel that reflects what your family needs. Maybe it’s a combination of all sorts of different rooms. Or maybe it will be a bedroom and recreational space for a few years before turning into a wet bar when your teen moves out. The important thing is that the features and finishing’s you include are perfect for your family, making them highly valuable and well worth the investment.

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